Customer Reviews | Client Testimonials

The following testimonials are from satisfied clients and their experiences with Yale Properties Solutions:


We wanted to invest in more properties and just didn’t know how. We found that it was really easy to purchase our 1st property with Yale Property Solutions, the information that we were provided with was great and we didn’t realise how much we could finance. It was really good to have someone walk us through the process.

We feel that Yale gave us the confidence, knowledge and showed us the right path to take. Easy access to all of the Yale affiliates is a highly beneficial part of the Yale program along with the convenience of all staff coming out to see us and working around our schedule.

We would recommend Yale Property solutions to others because we found the process very easy, the reps are all very accommodating and all our questions are always answered quickly. We feel looked after, Yale has good ethics and there is no disadvantage to being a part of the Yale team.


Darren and Jane, KNOXFIELD


I never had the ‘know how’, knowledge or access to the right support when it comes to investing. Lack of confidence, understanding and self-belief were also big factors. As a result of being a member with Yale Property Solutions, I now have an investment property and a network of affiliates that we are very comfortable with. The features that I like most about the Yale program are the convenience, they are a one-stop-shop for everything we need and all of the information we were provided from all the specialists and at the College of Knowledge workshops was beneficial.

I would definitely recommend Yale Property Solutions to provide opportunities for other people in our situation.

I would like people to experience the same opportunity at a younger age – I think you need to get this information out there.




Our biggest obstacles were where to buy and what to buy, we had a lack of general information and were unsure of where to start and whether we had enough finance. With Yale Property Solutions we learnt a lot about all kinds of things like depreciation schedules and negative gearing. All the reps explained things well and kept things simple; they did not push us into anything that we were not comfortable with. We really like that all the reps come out to see us and work around our day. The affiliates all work together to make the process smooth.

We already have recommended Yale Property Solutions because we understand where they are coming from.


Andrew and Julie, TARNEIT


Before becoming a Yale Property Solutions member we were told by other companies that we couldn’t invest in property as I am a single parent. Yale Property solutions provided me with an opportunity to learn all about how investing works and gain an insight into the industry. It has also been a positive learning experience for my son.

The features we liked most about the program are the personalised one-on-ones from the property member, tax consultant and other specialists. All the information and in-home education we received including that about Depreciation Schedules was great too. The convenience of all the specialists coming out to see us and working around us to keep us informed is a very positive attribute of being a Yale Property Solutions Member.

The service is friendly, everyone is outgoing and they ‘live in our world’.


Juliet and Arnold, MERNDA


Before becoming a Yale Property Solutions member we did not know enough or have any experience in investing and fear was a factor. Everyone at Yale Property Solutions is very professional in their area; they have passion and knowledge which gives us confidence. We got a very good idea about everything because all of the information that we received relates to reality. Extensive knowledge was provided to us and all the programs are relevant.

We would recommend Yale Property Solutions because they are a professional team of people who cover all angles.


Heidi and Kevin, LILYDALE


 I have been with Yale for years, since before they re-branded. Prior to this my investments and retirement were something that was in the background. Yale has brought this into focus and has pointed me in the direction of where I need to be now and it has become more of a focus. Once becoming a member you are a valued client and the company works for the clients best interests.




Before becoming a Yale Property Solutions member I had some financial challenges that came along with owning a property… I have a better understanding of how things work now.

Look, my experience with Yale Property Solutions has been fantastic; it gave me an insight into things to follow up with such as Super and Insurance. I have already used a couple of the affiliates and it’s been beneficial. It’s good that Yale is not purely focused on property.

I didn’t go down the investment path sooner as I didn’t have enough information or contact with other investment property companies, I was having some trouble with this and then Yale called.

I have already recommended Yale Property Solutions to the boys from work and they are currently having conversations with the Yale team. I have been very happy with the service – everyone is really helpful.




I never thought about or looked into investing in property before Yale Property Solutions came into the picture. Everyone at Yale is easy to deal with and knowledgeable. There are so many affiliates they really are a one-stop-shop. The College of Knowledge nights are really beneficial and they help keep us informed. I would recommend Yale because they are easy to deal with and the above mentioned factors.




We had Retirement concerns, lack of finance and no direction before our dealings with Yale Property Solutions. We now feel comfortable with the right guidance and direction. We can now see the end result ahead. We appreciate the Knowledge we are given and the guidance from the staff.

We would recommend Yale Property Solutions because they are thorough and everyone is approachable.


Paul and Kim, SOUTH MORANG


Yale made an initially daunting prospect, a smooth and successful entry into the world of investment properties. They communicated clearly making everything very easy to understand. Their recommended business associates and finance specialists are simply outstanding and really go the extra mile for their clients and the Convenience of the team coming to us makes this whole process extremely achievable, no matter how busy we are.

We are really happy to have been guided through this journey with Yale Property Solutions.


Gene and Michelle, NORANDA


I had always thought the only way to be financially secure was to pay off my mortgage, then I met with Yale Property Solutions. Yale were so informative and helped me to realise I could invest in my own future Yale took care of absolutely everything, keeping me informed at every stage of the investment journey and they really made the whole process very smooth, straight forward and easy.

I would definitely recommend Yale Property Solutions to others, I have already recommended some of my friends and family!




The friendly and knowledgeable team at Yale made the purchase and build of our first investment property so simple. There was always someone available to help with the process and nothing was we asked of them was too difficult. Thank you.


Michael and Ria, EAST VIC PARK


The service of everyone that we have encountered was absolutley fantastic. All questions answered made us feel comfortable and gave us knowledge in areas we had no experience in. We didn’t think at this point in our life we could do this.

We are very thankful and excited to start our journey with Yale.


Nic and Marie, ELLENBROOK


We were very inexperienced in investing in properties but Yale made us feel very comfortable in making the decision to make the leap into the investment market. Richard and Matt were faultless in explaining everything that was involved in the process and we would highly recommend them to anyone. We felt very comfortable in all aspects of the process and have now Purchased our first investment property, we couldn’t be happier. Thank you


Heidi and Paul, BALLAJURA


One day, 12 months ago I received a call from Nick at Yale. Initially I thought it was a hard sell, cold call. Ironically I had been thinking about my future and my finances, the timing was spot on and I’m glad I took the step. It’s been hassle free. We have now purchased a property and the process has gone smooth and, virtually exactly how we were told it was going to go.

Nick always calls to see how things are going and if we don’t answer, he leaves a message. I would highly recommend going with Yale. Take the call!




The process with Yale has been straight forward, easy to understand and all questions have been answered. They have shown us better prospects for our future and have given us a good grasp on the helps that is available to us.


Leon and Jill, ELLEBROOK


The experience with Yale has been easy, friendly and professional. We have been put at ease with all of our questions answered quickly and efficiently.


Gary and Janet, BRABHAM


Yale were extremely clear and concise, providing straight forward information at every stage of our journey.


Peter and Alison, SOUTHERN RIVER


Before joining Yale, we were previously with another company, but we found that Yale Property Solutions were much more approachable and convenient for us. Their in house convenience made our investment journey absolutely wonderful, all of the staff were very friendly, thorough and supportive throughout the whole process. We have already recommended Yale Property Solutions to our friends!


Suarav and Jasmine, MORLEY